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4 Dec 2020
Calltel HW333N DH Stereo-Ear Noise-Cancelling Headset – Quick Disconnect Connector
4 Dec 2020

Calltel Quick Disconnect – RJ9 Reverse Cable


The Calltel Quick Disconnect – RJ9 75cm Reverse Cable allows you to connect your headset to your phone with ease. It features a lightweight, flexible and extra durable cable for connecting via a reversed RJ9 connection.

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The Calltel Quick Disconnect – RJ9 75cm Reverse Cable is a great option for connecting your Calltel headset to your phone. It is a lightweight and flexible cable with a quick disconnect connector for ease of use and conveniently connecting to your new Calltel compatible headset. Not only does the cable provide quality pro sound but it is also very durable, I can handle a 20kg pull and is flexible enough to stretch up to 350 cm in length.


  • Lightweight cable
  • Super-Pro sound quality
  • The cable is durable, can bear 20KG pull, rotate more than 60000 times, 345°
  • Flexible cable can stretch to 350 cm
  • Connecting H series headsets to phone


  • Length: 75 cm
  • Maximum Length: 350 cm
  • Interface: Quick Disconnect RJ9 Reverse Connector
  • Compatible with: Avaya 16/96 Series (except 1603), Grandstream VOIP telephone, Yealink VOIP telephone, Philips


  • Calltel Quick Disconnect – RJ9 75cm Reverse Cable – Black x1
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Weight 49 g
Dimensions 12 × 18 cm